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Indoor mapping plan

Submitted by admin on Mon, 09/27/2021 - 14:41

Our plan:

  • Scan inside of buildings with the lidar scanners that come with the ipad pro/iphone 12
  • Take pictures of fire exit plans
  • Somehow upload the plans to OSM
  • Figure out how to map indoors
  • Have map-a-thons using the scans and plans
  • Work on the routing algorithm
  • Test out the routing with a drone


  • Maitri, Nora, and I are leading the project
  • We're applying for grants to pay for the work we're putting in and any supplies needed for mapathons
  • There's a deadline coming up at the end of the week, so this is our current focus
  • We'll start with the Battle Building to scan, take pics of the fire exit plans, and figure out how to map
  • hopefully by this weekend or next week